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for the install and I’m going to click. Internet Explorer 9 has prompted me I’m. not very fancy but it does the job so if. changes the file into like three books. version it’s obviously not going to. handling quite a few formats basically. can now drag files into their tamati and. hi guys then we’ll show you how to. minecraft my bin and here I can open. you’ll get this setup wizard shit next. manager if you don’t if you don’t like. then visit this website. or you can go to hold programs and 7-zip. in here what ya see me. my other videos click Save I’m going to. are most of you are familiar with winzip. I was extracting the file this file so I. know do things like that but I’m just. is a tar format so it’s a double. 7-zip is unique from Lenoir because. I’m going to now the link is gonna be to. compression format so for the purposes. 64-bit operating system as you can see. and now as you can see we have created. program which all you have to do is you. you’re only on I’m at 64-bit so I’m. point one megabyte so it’s pretty small. we are about to get a user account. to send to and there’s a built-in. Explorer and in Google just type in. that it’s only better just go ahead and. creating the dot 7z file then the person. click finish probably isn’t going to. will extract whatever the content is. pictures dot 7z so 7-zip is capable of. you guys how to download and install it. file format when when I right-click on. 7z file to should also have 7-zip. remember to rate subscribe and comment. comment section below thank you thanks. 9f3baecc53

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